BetaFPV Cetus Pro FPV Kit

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The Cetus Pro FPV Kit is finally here! It is the best ideal choice for beginners to advance currently. Comes with a Cetus Pro brushless quadcopter, LiteRadio2 SE transmitter, and VR02 FPV Goggles, it's more powerful and maneuverable for all starters as well as FPV pros to practice indoor and outdoor.


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Bullet Point

  • The auxiliary flight function is greatly reducing the threshold of operating. This is the lightest key to open the door to advanced FPV. 
  • Cetus Pro quadcopter comes with a brushless power system, it's more powerful and maneuverable in flight. Pilots can achieve more FPV freestyle actions to train.
  • With the self-protection of emergency landing when out of control or in low battery, to ensure a more safe flight. 
  • Made of PA12 material, the frame has an excellent impact resistance in drop & impact. Meanwhile, the 360° protection of the whoop frame ensures safe flights both indoors and outdoors.
  • All items needed for the flight are packed in an EVA portable storage bag. Better to protect and convenient to carry. 

A near view of the cetus pro quad

Altitude Hold, Easy to Fly

The altitude hold function enables Auto-Hover. This quadcopter can stay at a current height when pilots' hands are off the transmitter. Barometer/laser achieves accurate and stable positioning, which makes the quad hovering indoors very stable. The flight has never been so easy for a beginner! 

The altitude hold function is only available in N mode.

berafpv cetus pro altitude hold function showcase

Self-protection, No More Dangers

The quadcopter comes with an excellent self-protection function. It can make an emergency landing whenever loses control or is in low battery. It will also automatically disarm and drop on the ground once there is a strong collision with the object. Let's say goodbye to loss and crash!

cetus pro emergency landing function showcase

Turtle Mode, No Burden to Fly Away

When the quadcopter falls to the ground and upside down, we can active turtle mode by LiteRadio2 SE transmitter to flip it over and resume flying. With this function, there is no need to walk away to correct the position manually. Turtle mode will not work effectively if something gets stuck in the motor/prop. Please push down switch SD on the transmitter immediately in this situation to exit turtle mode.      betafpv cetus pro anti-turtle mode showcase

3 Flight Modes, From Zero to Hero

Three modes those N/ S/ M are available, which can satisfy the different needs of pilots and adapt to various flight environments. Whether you're a seasoned FPV pilot or a complete beginner, the Cetus Pro FPV Kit helps anyone fly confidently from day one. These 3 flight modes can be switched by one SB switch on transmitter, which is simple and convenient. Meanwhile, all modes support 3 different speeds with SLOW/MID/FAST, pilots can switch it by one SC switch on the transmitter.

cetus pro three fly modes

Cetus Pro Brushless Quadcopter

Equipped Lite 1-2S Pro brushless flight controller with 12A ESC, matching with 1102 18000KV brushless motors and 40mm 3-blade props, which is absolutely more powerful and maneuverable. 

designed picture of cetus pro quad on a hand above the water

FPV Simulator Supported

LiteRadio2 SE radio transmitter can be used as a USB Joystick when connected to the computer. So it's available to play FPV simulators like EREADRONE. More convenient for practicing and charging at the same time. Besides, the transmitter is more ergonomic with a hobby-grade gimbal and adopted the rubber coat.

Playing simulator with LiteRadio2 SE Transmitter

VR02 FPV Goggles

VR02 FPV Goggles- the First-Person-View Goggles with the simpler operation and powerful function, is specially designed for FPV starters. It comes with built-in 5.8G 14DBI high-quality antennas, you can receive stable and clear images even for long-range flights. Adopt an ergonomic design with a foam sponge faceplate and a three-sided adjustable headband, it fits your face and head perfectly.

Presentation of playing FPV Goggles and radio transmitter


  • Positioning system: Optical flow/ Barometer/ Laser
  • Height positioning: Laser/ Barometer
  • Position locating: Optical flow (effective height 0.3-3m)
  • Accuracy of auto-hover: Horizontal ±0.2m, vertical ±0.3m (under no wind environment)
  • Receiver protocol: Frsky D8
  • Flight controller: Lite 1-2S Pro brushless FC
  • VTX: 25mW
  • Camera tilt degree: 30°
  • Camera: C02 FPV Micro Camera
  • Transmitter: Literadio2 SE Transmitter
  • TX mode: Mode 2
  • Goggles: VR02 Goggles
  • Motor: 1102-18000KV Brushless motor
  • Propeller: 40mm 3-blade 1.5mm shaft hole
  • Takeoff weight: 33.19g (without battery)
  • Power system: 1S
  • Battery: BT2.0 450mah 1S Battery (external)
  • Flight time: 4-5min
  • Flight distance: 80m (in wide & undisturbed environment)


For more info and instructions, please check the User Manual for Cetus Pro FPV Kit 


  • 1 * Cetus Pro Brushless Quadcopter                             
  • 1 * LiteRadio2 SE Transmitter (Frsky D8 Protocol)                        
  • 1 * VR02 FPV Goggles   
  • 2 * BT2.0 450mAh 1S Lipo Battery     
  • 1 * BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester
  • 1 * USB Charging Cable (Type-C)
  • 1 * Type-C Adapter
  • 1 * Prop Removal Tool
  • 4 * 40mm 3-blade Props
  • 2 * User Manual
  • 1 * Portable Storage Bag

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