iFlight ProTek25 Pusher Protezione Eliche

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ProTek25 Pusher Repalcement Protector Prop Guards V2.0 (2pcs)

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Un esperto sempre al tuo servizio!


ProTek25 Repalcement Protector Prop Guards V2.0 (2pcs)

Changelog: V1.0 to V2.0 Material improved for highest durability in crashes!


Material: PC

Weight: 24.8g/pc

Color: black / tiffany blue

Fits for ProTek25/HD quads


Package included:

1set (2pcs) ProTek25 Prop Guards

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Questi nuovi motori XING2 1404 provengono dalla serie XING NextGen e sono diventati un nuovo standard sul mercato. Costruzioni super leggere da 3" sono diventate molto più belle da quando iFlight ha introdotto l\'AIO SucceX whoop style. Con questo nuovo motore e il nuovo telaio in stile Toothpick, puoi costruire il tuo micro drone ultraleggero definitivo.

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Almost as if it came out of the "honey, I shrunk the kids" movie from 1989. Things are getting big!

Let\'s introduce our latest member to our ProTek family, the all-new iFlight ProTek60 Cinelifter!

We\'ve came a long way with action cameras, offering outstanding quality with little weight and a small footprint. But do you want to get professional or shoot some commercials, maybe get into cinema videography? Well, then you need to step up your game. Those cameras offer higher quality but bigger lenses, higher weight in exchange with all the dynamic range, color profiles and crisp footage you might possibly want.

This rig was designed for a Komodo, Zcam, BMPCC or even a GH5. It fits right onto, safe and tight.

Recommended battery size: 6S 3700mAh - 6S 4400mAh

Estimated flight time: 3-6 min (depending on battery and your take-off weight)

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The Secret Of Ultimate Performance Is Passion, that was the slogan for our newest approach to creating this piece of art! Fully protected electronics, fully illuminated, coupled with all the latest and greatest electronics we can offer. Months of engineering went into this BNF and all the lessons learned before, making sure that beginners, as well as experienced pilots, would fully enjoy using the new Nazgul Evoque from the first second they use it.

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In response to our customer needs, this is our answer for all the racers in out there: The iFlight Mach R5!
Quick-swap arm assembly for easy repair on your flying spot or race day.
Enhanced canopy design with low wind resistance for maximum speed and efficiency.

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Our all new 2.5inch project is finally ready for all you content creators or those guys who like to wear some protection every now and then. Prop protection is what we\'re talking about here... 

ProTek is not necessarily just a Cinewhoop series but far more. Equipped with our popular XING 1404 motors in a higher kv class will give you all the power you need to get good speed, do some freestyle or carry a full GoPro through tiny gaps. 

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iFlight Chimera7 6S Long Range Analogico

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Version: 1300kV CRUISER



Introducing what has been requested for too long already! A super efficient iFlight 7inch Long-Range bird that can go where you couldn\'t go before and can carry bigger batteries to get the flight time to surf the swiss alps if you want! Super stiff frame for minimum resonance and 2806.5 motors for maximum 7inch prop control. Fly big batteries top-mounted, or even bigger batteries bottom-mounted, 6cells recommended or 5cells for slow cruising. But whatever style you fly, a Lipo or Lion pack will just do the job. Recommended 5S 3.000mAh above (slow cruising) or 6S 2.500mAh above. 

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