HGLRC Rekon35 Nano Long Range HD Digital (TBS Crossfire)

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HGLRC Rekon35 Nano Long Range HD Digital (TBS Crossfire)

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RekonFPV Rekon35 Nano long range 2S 3.5 inch 18650 super long lasting FPV HD Drone

The Rekon 3.5 is what I always wanted the original #MicroLongRage to be; Sub 250g and powered by a 2S Li-Ion!

Two years ago, the components to make such a concept work properly just weren’t available: Electronics were not running reliably when the power supply dropped below 5V, efficient motor-prop combos with the right size weren’t available and building DIY 2S Li-Ion packs was laborious. But the FPV industry has made a stunning amount of progress and today, with the support of HGLRC the Rekon 3.5 is finally making it happen. You can simply use cheap off-the-shelf 18650 batteries and the electronics are so reliable that in an emergency you can empty the Li-Ion batteries way below the recommended voltage without any impact on the FPV video feed and radio control link.

Dave C_FPV


Key Features:

Efficient and quiet sub 250g 3.5” platform with 15+ min flight time
1303.5 5500kV motors ensure a decent flight performance
Works with any high-discharge 18650
Integrated Reliable power supply for the DJI vista unit
Capable of carrying a Naked GoPro or Insta 360 go type camera
Fully long-range capable GPS and return to home functions


A few things to note before you buy:

Our experiences with the Rekon 3 have shown that the type of 18650 batteries used can affect the performance of the quad and might lead to misfunctions. Please be careful to slowly test out the flight time limits of the specific batteries you are using
Unfortunately, diodes performing well enough to serve as a reverse polarity protection without significantly impacting performance simply don’t exist. Therefore, please be aware that the Rekon3.5 has no reverse polarity protection and inserting the batteries the wrong way will permanently damage the electronics.



Name:Rekon35 Nano Long Range FPV Drone - HD Version
Weight:141.3g (Weight without receiver)
Rekon35 LR Frame
Type:3.5-inches Frame
Propeller support:3.5 Inches
Zeus10 AIO 2-6S flight controller
Input voltage:2-6S
Flight control firmware:BF ZEUSF4EVO
ESC firmware:BL_S/P_H_10
CADDX Polar vista
Operating Frequency:5.725-5.850 GHz
Input voltage:7.4-26.4V
Rekon 1303.5 KV5500 brushless motor
Input voltage:7.4V (2S)
Recommended blade:3 inches
Input voltage:5V
Size:18.5mm x 18.5mm x 7.1mm
DC9V Power Module
Input voltage:5V-9V
Output voltage:9V
Size:25mm x 8.5mm x 3mm
GEMFAN 3520 3.5 inch 3-blades propeller
Quantity:4 CW & 4 CCW
Shipping list:
1x Rekon3.5 Long Range Frame
1x Zeus10 AIO flight controller
1x CADDX Polar vista/RunCam Link Phoenix Kit
4x Rekon 1303.5 KV5500 brushless motor
1x M80 GPS
8x GEMFAN 3520 3.5-inch 3-blades propeller
1x IPEX Hammer mini Antenna
1x receiver (optional)
Recommended battery:


See Manual Here

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Librati in cielo in modi che sembravano impossibili. Non abbiamo mai perso la nostra passione per il volo. Con DJI FPV, questa passione ha trasformato l’immaginazione in realtà. Con la sua immersiva ed intuitiva piattaforma aerea, tieniti pronto a superare ogni limite.

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