KOTKING - RC Coating 15ml

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  • Splash proof & prevent electrical short circuits
  • Easily removed for resolder or plug usb
  • Heat Release from all components
  • Undamaged your electrical components
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  1. Tear down all parts so you can easilly put KOTKING on them, no need to unsolder
  2. Clean up all surfaces with air blower, brush, or cloth to avoid dust, oil, moist or any other things that cover it
  3. Apply KOTKING to all components such as flight controller, VTX, camera boards evenly and slowly you can use our tiny brush or wood stick to make them even
  4. Put them in balanced position and let them dry for about 15-20 mins, and you can do the same for the low side later
  5. To coat FPV camera you can put KOTKING on camera connector, on camera case especially on connection between case,and FPV camera focus ring

NOTE: please do one side until KOTKING dry and you can do the other side


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